Custome Consultancy


We handle complete custom consultancy like obtaining IEC, DGFT, and DEPB license. Setting up custom of Custom Bonded/General Warehouse, Project Import Registiption, Reconciliation & Finalisation, and Drawback/Refunds.


In an era of rapidly emerging global markets, tight budgets, and scarce resources, maintaining compliance with customs requirements while minimising duty and related charges is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Our detailed, non-intrusive reviews of your organisation's import and export activities will identify potential savings opportunities and recover overpaid duties. In complex situations. Falcon will prepare and secure favourable customs rulings prior to submitting refund requests, thus protecting your compliance with Customs regulations. Our seasoned professionals have years of experience supporting premier global companies in all aspects of customs compliance and operational effectiveness. Custom Consultancy Highlights

Custome Consultancy Highlights

  • Obtaining IEC number.
  • Attending DGFT related OSVB Registration and 'lir matters. finalization.
  • Arranging chartered engineers for customs valuation.
  • Appeal related matters.
  • Completion of Drawback and refund.
  • SVB Registration and Finalization
  • Project import registration,reconciliation and finalization.
  • Declaration of correct.